Welcome to 'Country Information'

This website will give you information about any country in the world. You only have to search for it! Click the button below to start.

How it works

It's actually pretty simple. In the upperleft you find the searchbox. Enter a country name or another place and we search for the best result. The marker will be placed at that place. Click on the marker to open an information window which contains:

Instead of searching for a country, there's also another way to get information about a country. You can drag the marker to wherever you want. And again, you only have to click on the marker to open the information window.

About us

We have been working on this website with four students, all studying Informatics at Leiden University. We started this project as a task for the subject CCSS (Challenges in Computer Science Seminar) where we had to make a mash-up. We used the Google Maps API (map), REST Countries API (general information), openWeather API(weather information), Wikipedia (images of the national animals), here Places API (nearby sights), Google Images for the images of nearby sightings and Fusion Tables REST API to obtain the polygons of the countries to be able to highlight the countries.